Check out our new version of Swinging Cup and Bottle Holders

Man using swinging cup holder

Pick your traveling companion, a hands free gadget for your beverage.

With its adjustable straps, Swinging Cup attaches to almost anything with a handle, including your rolling suitcase, grocery cart, crafter bag, lawn mower, stroller...

Based on the principle of a pendulum, and centripetal force, it holds your lidded beverage without spilling while you travel, work, shop, and enjoy life.

Made from washable materials: neoprene, nylon, and velcro. 

NEW! Swinging Cup and Bottle Holder

We have added a new version of our travel gadget. This one is longer and has a bottom, enabling you to carry a straight-sided vessel of liquid refreshment. In other words, it will hold a variety of different-sized water bottles and aluminum cans and tumblers.

Hydrate and Fly Optimizer

Introducing the Hydrogen Generating Water Cup, the perfect companion for a healthier lifestyle. This innovative water bottle utilizes a built-in hydrogen generator to infuse your water with vital antioxidants, promoting better hydration and overall wellbeing. Reach your hydration goals with every sip.

*Fits perfectly into our bottle holder.

Kit includes:

 seamless dual walled insulated metal tumbler, lid with sliding open/close tab, straight metal straw, bended metal straw and a handy dandy straw cleaning brush.

Metal Straws:

2 bended, 2 straight and 1 cleaning brush

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